One Hour Whitening

At DR CHEN DENTAL GROUPour team makes the Zoom whitening process simple and comfortable as can be. First we take a start shade to see where you are on our dental shade guide. Then all of your lips and gums are fully isolated so the Zoom bleach just touches your teeth and nothing else. The Zoom whitening gel is then Laser activated with the Zoom technology and then 1 hour later your teeth brighter and whiter! Finally we take a new shade of your teeth to see how much whiter they became. Take a first step in feeling good and looking great with brighter, whiter teeth in less than an hour. At DR CHEN DENTAL GROUPwe utilize the latest and most effective teeth whitening system ever. We are a certified Zoom! teeth whitening center. Zoom! teeth whitening is safe, effective, very fast, and performed only by a dental professional. Zoom! is a one-hour in office teeth whitening procedure which whitens your teeth to about 6-8 shades whiter all in an hour! In fact DR CHEN DENTAL GROUPdoes the most Zoom! teeth whitening in all of Orange County and likely southern California. Every Zoom! dentist is certified and very well trained and knowledgeable in the procedure.


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